Sunday, October 08, 2006

When you wish upon a star...

Just a few weeks ago I realized that my instructor was a woman of true beauty. I began the fantasy in my mind: Somehow I would ask her out. I even wrote a post on this blog about how I might accomplish this task, but I went ahead and deleted it.

Anyway, here is the short-long of it. I waited until the class was over so there was no longer the student/teacher issue. After a nice conversation on a bench, eating our lunches together, I asked her out and she said something like, "Sure, you seem like a nice/intelligent guy."

Our first was a great success that ended with a warm embrace and a wonderful kiss. Yesterday we embarked on our second date. The evening culminated with me being in her comfortable bed. The warmth, affection, and companionship felt great. She is a great lover :) I am looking forward to next time!